2013 Jazz in the Gardens Women’s Impact Conference & Luncheon

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I really enjoyed the 2013 Jazz in the Gardens Women’s Impact Conference & Luncheon yesterday held at the Shula’s hotel & Golf Club in Miami Lakes. I met some interesting people and sat in on some very informative panels. I loved it so much, I can’t wait for it’s return next year! It was very well organized and everyone so friendly; very fitting atmosphere for a Women’s Impact Conference. When I arrived at 8am, the registration area quickly filled up.



After registration I decided to sit in on my first panel of the day entitled “Wealthy You!” presented by Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative, Kenneth Murray. His 45 minute talk was very informative although brief. He discussed how important it was that families leave a legacy for their future generations. He touched up on the importance of having a written budget and how smart it is to have life insurance. He explained what deferred taxes were now vital it is to have a retirement plan. There was so much to cover in such a small amount of time and I wanted to know more. He offers free consultations so I definitely plan to drop by to discuss my own financial future with him.


The next panel I sat in on, entitled “Seven Ways to More Joyful Living”, was presented by Patrina Clark. Everyone wants to live a joyful life, I know I do, so I felt that her panel was a must see! The room was packed and I was lucky to get a seat. I loved her opening illustration of a fisherman’s happy yet simple life. Great little story! She made some very interesting and thought provoking points. I strongly recommend that you check out her website Joyfully You, and if you contact her definitely ask her to tell you the story about that fisherman!


The last panel I sat in on was entitled “Datable Me” presented by Gladys Diaz. Gladys and her twin sister Michelle, known as the “love coaches” started Heart’s Desire International LLC. Whether it’s career or love success, they help people get rid of the clutter in their lives that are blocking them from their heart’s desire. I loved sitting in on that panel and plan to attend one of their workshops soon. For more information, check them out at Heart’s Desire International.


There were so many panels but I only had the privileged of sitting in on those three. I also had plenty of time in between panels to check out a few of the vendors.IMG_0212


Some of the sponsors were ADT Security Systems, Chambord Liqueur, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, and Chase Bank just to name a few.


Afterwards we headed to the ballroom to have lunch! We enjoyed our meals with a moving art fashion show.


The food was Delicious!


We also enjoyed a live performance by former R&B group Xscape member, LaTocha Scott. We was so awesome! She sang a couple of my absolute favorite songs that were performed by the group. It was such a treat!


Lastly, we enjoyed catching up with actress and former Housewife of Atlanta Lisa Wu’s career as Journalist Trina Robinson interviewed her.


I had an absolute blast and I’d like to thank my friend and fellow “South Florida Blogger”, as she would say, Maika Moulite for inviting me. Check out her Glam Life Blog!

My experience was great! See you all next year!

Gen Bell is the managing editor for Seeking The Good Life blog. She also wrote for Haute Living magazine from 2013 until early 2014. Besides writing, Gen is a well-knowned Wardrobe Stylist in the South Florida area. Her clients include Katie Steel, South Six 5, Jordan Fernandez, & Monique. She has worked on production sets with highly acclaimed recording artists including J-Lo and Pitbull.

  • http://glamlifeblog.com GLAM Life Blog

    Thanks for coming Gen! I’m glad that you enjoyed the event. Also, I look sooo tired in that picture. Omg! 3 hours of sleep does not look good on me haha. Nice video by the way! ;)

    • http://www.seekingthegoodlife.com Gen

      Thanks Maika! I had a blast!

  • http://joyfullyyou.com Patrina

    Sorry for the delayed post, Gen. Thank you so much for coming to my session and featuring it as part of your event blog. I’m really glad you enjoyed the session. And, I really appreciate your posting my website link.

    All the best!

    • http://www.seekingthegoodlife.com Gen

      Oh no problem Patrina!